Christos Korgan, Ph.D.

Accreditation Consultant. Strategic Planner. Assessment Aficionado.

I launched this site in order to offer general guidance to colleges and universities coping with accreditation challenges. After consulting for numerous institutions on accreditation affairs spanning higher education sectors, I began to detect the presence of a shared theme — institutions’ abilities to satisfy accreditation standards were largely determined by their capacity to meet such expectations. That is, an institution’s chance of fulfilling a regional or specialized accreditor’s criteria was largely determined by Bourdieusian forms of capital, which disproportionately disadvantaged only a subgrouping of colleges and universities. Institutions’ lack of access to various forms of capital often prevented innovation and stunted optimal self-reflection. In this space, I write about the various instruments and tools colleges and universities can leverage for quality assurance purposes. As an expert in higher education, I will try and expose the hidden curriculum, while using my lens as a scholar-practitioner and an accreditation enthusiast.